International Chess Federation
Wednesday, 19 Aug 2020 11:34
A pictorial tribute to the Chess Olympiads

August 19 is observed as World Photography Day, aiming to inspire photographers across the planet to share photos.

Approximately one year ago, FIDE created a photographic archive on Flickr, with the aim to share photos with the media, but also to start preserving important moments from our official competitions.

Now, we have incorporated to this archive two albums with all the official photos from Batumi 2018 and Baku 2016, and we will be shortly adding the ones from Tromsø 2014. For the most part, these photos are the work of David Llada, who has been the official photographer in all the Chess Olympiads since Istanbul 2012. But you will also find among them some masterpieces by the super talented Alina L'Ami.

It is very fortunate that chess can be played online, and we are very grateful for the warm welcome that the First Online Olympiad has received from the chess community. However, it is difficult to forget that right now many of us should be in Moscow. So we thought that these photos could bring you back some cherished memories.

You can check the galleries by doing click on the following thumbnails: