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Saturday, 10 Oct 2020 19:28
FIDE announces partnership with International School Sport Federation

FIDE is proud to announce a partnership agreement with the International School Sport Federation (ISF), the international governing body for school sport, which comprises children between the ages of 13 to 18. 

Based in Belgium, the ISF has been organizing international competitions to encourage education through sport and student-athletes since its foundation in 1972. ISF was recognized by the IOC in 1995, and it currently has 113 members which compete in 45 different sport disciplines. Many of these sports have their own World Schools Championship every two years, while some others are part of the bi-annual Gymnasiade. 

ISF is currently organizing its first-ever virtual world schools championship: the World SchoolsChampionship Online Chess 2020, an online tournament organized for school-going youth aged 13-17. This competition managed to attract 340 young chess players from 39 countries, representing five continents. 

It was within the framework of this competition that, on 7 October 2020, ISF president Mr. Laurent Petrynka participated in a virtual meeting with FIDE president Mr. Arkady Dvorkovich to discuss the cooperation during the event, and laid the foundations for future cooperation between FIDE  and ISF in order to promote chess among the global school network. 

“The partnership between FIDE and The International School Sport Federation is a natural fit since our values and core mission align perfectly”, explains the FIDE President, Arkady Dvorkovich. “Both institutions are members of the Olympic family, and as such we consider sport as a way to promote inclusion, development, education, and gender equality. Chess is a great tool to improve educational outcomes and it keeps gaining recognition in school programs all over the world, while ISF’s goal is to encourage education through sport and student-athletes. It is a great satisfaction to enter this partnership agreement, and I believe that both with the ISF and FIDE will be reinforced by joining efforts in many future initiatives.” 

ISF President Laurent Petrynka added: “We are honored to sign a partnership and work with FIDE on ISF World Schools Championship Online Chess 2020. Chess is included in schools all over the world, and presents an important part of school sport. We will continue to develop chess in ISF events, including ISF Summer Gymnasiade. We are delighted to have FIDE supporting the ISF World Schools Championship Online Chess 2020. This cooperation will also strengthen our efforts to bring and connect the Olympic movement to schools across the globe.” 

Below you can read the full text of the joint statement: 

The International School Sport Federation (ISF), represented by President, Mr. Laurent Petrynka, and the International Chess Federation (FIDE), represented by President, Mr. Arkady Dvorkovich, wishing to establish a partnership that serves the interests of both parties,


1. The ISF has the mission to organize worldwide School Sport events, hence promoting education through sport. The ISF, an IOC-recognised organization,  strives to ensure cordial relations with all International Sport Federations whose aims and objectives are similar to its own.

2. FIDE, an IOC-recognised organization, has undertaken to promote, develop, establish the rules and organize events in Chess at all levels on a worldwide basis.

3. The ISF and FIDE are aware of the continuously growing need for international cooperation in this regard and recognize that they both adhere to Olympic values and spirit. The parties also recognize the role played by sport as a factor in promoting inclusion, development, education, and gender equality.

4. The ISF and FIDE jointly confirm that the ISF World Schools Championship Online Chess 2020 will be organized according to the FIDE technical rules and regulations. The ISF will promote cooperation with FIDE during this event and will encourage all participants to obtain memberships in their national chess federations, members of FIDE.

5. The ISF and FIDE undertake to discuss future cooperation in good faith and to sign a Memorandum of Understanding in order to integrate the sport of Chess in the program of  ISF events, to ensure harmonious development and promotion of the ISF and FIDE events.

Date: October 08, 2020


Mr. Laurent Petrynka, President of ISF

Mr. Arkady Dvorkovich, President of FIDE



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