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Wednesday, 23 Dec 2020 18:26
USA dominates medal tally

The final knockout stage of the FIDE World Cadets & Youth Rapid Championships came to the end on December 22. The event held on Tornelo online platform, comprised five different age groups (U10, U12, U14, U16, and U18) with participants competing in two sections: girls and open.

The USA dominated medal tally earning 8 medals (4 gold); India won 4 medals (2 gold); Russia also took 4 medals, but somewhat surprisingly no gold (1 silver and 3 bronze).

During the online closing ceremony conducted by Kema Goryaeva, the participants of the FIDE World Cadets & Youth Rapid Championships were greeted by FIDE Vice President Akaki Iashvili and FIDE Director General and former World Junior Champion (1996) Emil Sutovsky.

Akaki Iashvili: “Youth chess is a priority of FIDE. On behalf of FIDE and the Georgian Chess Federation, I would like to welcome all the participants and congratulate the winners. They demonstrated exceptional skills. I am confident that this tournament will stand out in our minds for years.”

Many participants sent video messages in which they shared holiday vibes and wished a happy New Year to all.

Final standings:

Open U10

1. Movahed Sina (IRI)
2. Vaclav Finek  (CZE)
3. Rajkhowa Mrinmoy  (IND)

Movahed Sina Photo:

Girls U10

1. Omya Vidyarthi  (USA)
2. Elnaz Kaliakhmet  (KAZ)
3. Diana Preobrazhenskaya  (RUS)

Omya Vidyarthi Photo:

Open U12

1. Dimitar Mardov  (USA)
2. Ihor Samunenkov  (UKR)
3. Ngo Bach (USA)

Dimitar Mardov Photo: US Chess Federation Twitter

Girls U12

1. Alice Lee (USA)
2. Tang Zoey (USA)
3. Valeria Kleymenova (RUS)

Alice Lee  Photo: US Chess Federation Facebook

Open U14

1. Gukesh D (IND)
2. Volodar Murzin  (RUS)
3. Christopher Woojin Yoo  (USA)

Gukesh D Photo: John Saunders

Girls U14

1. Eline Roebers  (NED)
2. Zsoka Gaal  (HUN)
3. Laysa Latifah  (INA)

Eline Roebers Photo: Harry Gielen

Open U16

1. Frederik Svane  (GER)
2. Agha Bala Amirreza Pour  (IRI)
3. Jose Gabriel Cardoso Cardoso  (COL)

Frederik Svane Photo: Skanderborg Skakklub

Girls U16

1. Rakshitta Ravi (IND)
2. Song Yuxin (CHN)
3. Bibisara Assaubayeva  (KAZ)

Rakshitta Ravi Photo: Frans Peeters

Open U18

1. Nihal Sarin (IND)
2. Shant Sargsyan  (ARM)
3. Francesco Sonis  (ITA)

Nihal Sarin Photo: Kirill Merkuryev

Girls U18

1. Carissa Yip  (USA)
2. Thalia Cervantes Landeiro (USA)
3. Elizaveta Solozhenkina  (RUS)

Carissa Yip Photo: Lennart Ootes