International Chess Federation
Monday, 18 Jan 2021 13:10
Nihal Sarin wins Gazprom Brilliancy Prize

Nihal Sarin became the winner of the Gazprom Brilliancy Prize, a special trophy awarded to the best game from the FIDE Online World Cadets and Youth Championship (December, 20) by the General Partner of the competition. His victory over Francesco Sonis received 5 votes out of 9.

One of the most talented players of his generation, Nihal Sarin won not only the Gazprom Brilliancy Prize but also the title in the U18 category, beating Shant Sargsyan in the final.

FIDE had invited a panel of 9 popular streamers and YouTubers to be the judges for the Gazprom Brilliancy Prize, asking them to pick a favorite game. Five out of nine judges chose Sarin’s game as their top choice, announcing their votes in their respective channels:

Daniel King / Powerplay Chess 
Nihal Sarin

Sagar Shah / Chessbase India
Nihal Sarin

Levy Rozman / Gotham Chess
Nihal Sarin

Fiona Steil-Antoni / Fionchetta
Nihal Sarin

Georgios Souleidis / The Big Greek
Nihal Sarin

Maria Emelianova / Photochess
Ediz Gurel

Michael Rahal
D Gukesh

James Canty III
Amirreza Pour Agha Bala

Manuel Lopez Michelone
D Gukesh