International Chess Federation
Monday, 01 Mar 2021 15:22
Seminar on chess and autism announced 

The International Chess Federation, together with its Commission for People with Disabilities and the Social Commission, is pleased to announce the 1st FIDE Introductory Seminar "Chess for children with an autism spectrum disorder. How chess can help children with autism”

The aim of this course is to inform Federations and FIDE Academies about opportunities for using chess in educating kids with this disorder and share the existing experience. FIDE also wants to identify the interest of Federations, provide the necessary training of teachers, and support the development of related projects. 

At this seminar speakers will talk about the possibility of teaching chess to children with autism spectrum disorder covering the following topics: 

•    What is an autism spectrum disorder
•    Teaching chess to someone with autism
•    Chess could become the bridge between two worlds
•    Role of social projects in National Chess Federations 

29 March 2021, from 14.00 to 16:00 CET 

Moderator: Anastasia Sorokina, FIDE Vice-President 

•    Natalia Popova - WIM, FIDE Trainer, Trainer of the FIDE Chess Academy in Belarus, leader of the 2 years long project teaching chess to children with autistic spectrum disorder (Belarus). 
•    Ala Mishchanka, Special needs educational assistant, more than 15 years of experience (Canada);
•    Līga Bērziņa, Head of the Autism Society of Latvia, developer of games for reduction of behavioural disorders (Latvia).
•    Anna Charchyan, Lilit Karapetyan (Armenia) 

How to register:
For registration, please send an email with the name and contact details (email, telephone number in Whatsapp) of the representative of the National Chess Federation or FIDE Academy to Anastasia Sorokina, FIDE Vice President:

We expect your registration by 22 March 2021. After registration, you will receive a link to the online seminar. 

Over two years in Belarus has been operating a chess club for children with autism. Children study according to a special program developed by Natalia Popova, the coach of FIDE Chess Academy in Belarus. During this time, noticeable results have been achieved, which the parents of children can best say about: