International Chess Federation
Sunday, 25 Apr 2021 22:37
Gazprom becomes FIDE’s General Partner for the period 2021-2023

The International Chess Federation and PJSC Gazprom have announced expanding cooperation and signed a three-year agreement under which Gazprom becomes FIDE’s General Partner for the period of 2021-2023.

The sponsorship agreement covers most of FIDE’s main competitions until 2023: the World Cup and Women's World Cup in 2021 and 2023, the Olympiad in Moscow in 2022, the FIDE World Team Championships in 2021 and 2023, the Women's Grand Prix series, and the FIDE World Junior Championships in 2021, 2022 and 2023.

Alexey Miller, Chairman of the Management Committee for Gazprom: “We believe it is important to support popular sports, to create opportunities for the harmonious development of young people. Chess is a wonderful global game that fosters intelligence, strategic thinking, and self-control. These qualities are useful in every area of life. I am sure that the number of chess fans, including in our company, will only grow.”

PJSC Gazprom has been a permanent partner of FIDE since 2019, providing invaluable support to chess worldwide. The company supported such landmark international competitions as the FIDE Online Olympiad 2020, the First FIDE Online Olympiad for Players with Disabilities, and the FIDE Online World Junior Rapid Chess Championship.

FIDE President Arkady Dvorkovich: ”FIDE and Gazprom have a long-standing partnership with several key international tournaments held through our cooperation. Starting this year, Gazprom has become FIDE's General Partner and this is undoubtedly the key to the global success of chess.

Today we proudly observe chess regaining its huge popularity all over the world. The support by global companies such as Gazprom is, first of all, a significant contribution to unlocking the intellectual potential of the entire mankind."

About Gazprom

Gazprom is a global energy company focused on geological exploration, production, transportation, storage, processing and sales of gas, gas condensate, and oil, sales of gas as a vehicle fuel, as well as generation and marketing of heat and electric power. 

Gazprom is the global leader measured by natural gas reserves and production. The Company sells gas to Russian consumers and exports gas to over 30 countries within and beyond the former Soviet Union. Gazprom is the biggest gas supplier to Europe. Gazprom is among the top three oil and gas condensate producers in the Russian Federation, ranking number one nationally in terms of electricity generation among thermal generation companies, as well as thermal energy output. 

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