International Chess Federation
Thursday, 29 Apr 2021 13:53
Decisions of 20211st FIDE Online Council Meeting


List of FIDE Council Decisions

2021 1st meeting

19 April 2021



OCM-2021/01 To note President’s report.

OCM-2021/02 To note Financial report.

OCM-2021/03 To entrust President to agree on the potential time and place of 2021 FIDE Congress with the potential organizers.

OCM-2021/04 To note the report on the FIDE Handbook update.

OCM-2021/05 To authorize President to apply the necessary measures in order to obtain the copies of the statutes from the federations, including restricting FIDE financial support to federations that have not submitted their statutes.

OCM-2021/06 To approve proposal regarding the right of the Affiliated Organisations for the FIDE Ratings and Participation in the FIDE Events. Instruct the Qualification Commission and the Event Commission to prepare the necessary technical amendments to the FIDE documents. 

OCM-2021/07 To approve the request of the Fiji Chess Federation.

OCM-2021/08 To approve the proposed Resolution on the Pakistan Chess Federation.

OCM-2021/09 To approve conceptually the Regulations for the World Team University Championship subject to changes related to the final decision of the time of the event. To confirm that the final announcement of the dates and venue of the event is subject to prior coordination with the FISU.

OCM-2021/010 To approve opening of a bidding procedure for the 2026 Chess Olympiad.

OCM-2021/011 To approve the Arbiters’ Commission Regulations and proposals on the Commission membership and objectives, to come into effect from July 1st 2021.

OCM-2021/012 To approve the recommendations of the Arbiters’ Commission on Seminars, FA norms and titles.

OCM-2021/013 To note the Events Commission’s report.

OCM-2021/014 To approve the Events Commission’s proposal to postpone the final decision for 2021 FIDE EVE World Championships till 1st June 2021.

OCM-2021/015 To approve the Events Commission’s proposal to postpone FIDE EVE World Championships 2023 bidding procedure, as 2022 events shall be postponed to 2023.

OCM-2021/016 To approve the Events Commission’s proposal to move the 2021 World Senior Team Championship to 2022.

OCM-2021/017 To approve the bidding procedure for FIDE Events Commission’s (EVE) Online Tournaments and the list of 2021 online tournaments.

OCM-2021/018 To approve the proposal of the Georgian Chess Federation to organize the 2021 World Youth Online Cup, Youth Online Grand-Prix series and Youth Superfinal.

OCM-2021/019 To approve the recommendations of the Events Commission on titles.

OCM-2021/020 To note the Planning and Development Commission’s report.

OCM-2021/021 To note the Qualification Commission’s report.

OCM-2021/022 To approve the recommendations of the Qualification Commission on titles.

OCM-2021/023 To approve the resolution to reinstate the Qualification Commission’s control of the Regulations on Registration & Licensing of Players, including the right to submit to the Council necessary proposals for amendment of the document.

OCM-2021/024 To request the Qualification Commission to hold additional discussion in respect of the GM title application of Praveen Balakrishnan (USA) #2064871.

OCM-2021/025 To note the Technical Commission’s report.

OCM-2021/026 To note the Trainers’ Commission’s report.

OCM-2021/027 To approve the changes for the FIDE Regulations for the Titles of Trainers / FIDE Endorsed Academies proposed by the Trainers’ Commission which shall come into effect from July 1st 2021.

OCM-2021/028 To approve the recommendations of the Trainers’ Commission on titles and Academies.

OCM-2021/029 To note the Athletes’ Commission’s report.

OCM-2021/030 To note the Fair Play Commission’s report.

OCM-2021/031 To note reports of Continental Associations.

OCM-2021/032 To decide on President’s wildcard for Women’s World Cup after consultations with Mr. Ncube.

OCM-2021/033 To approve the proposal of the Gligoric Award Committee regarding the prize for 2020.

OCM-2021/034 To reconfirm Ms. J. Polgar, Mr. E. Torre and Mr. M. Najdorf as FIDE inductees to the World Chess Hall of Fame for the year 2021.

OCM-2021/035 To note the report on Chess ID.

OCM-2021/036 To approve proposal to establish FIDE’s subsidiary legal entity in order to promote FIDE’s programmes. To confirm President’s right to choose its legal form and functions after additional discussions with FC members and consultants.

OCM-2021/37 To organize the next FIDE Council meeting during the World Cup in Sochi, Russia.