International Chess Federation
Tuesday, 12 Apr 2022 08:47
FIDE World Rapid and Blitz Championships and WR&B 2022 - Call for bids

1.1 The International Chess Federation (FIDE) will hold the World Rapid and Blitz Championships (R&B) and World Women’s Rapid and Blitz Championships (WR&B) in the second half of 2022 (see the Tournaments Regulations: World Rapid and Blitz Championships 2022; World Women’s Rapid and Blitz Championships 2022). 

1.2 FIDE is opening a bidding procedure to invite any federation member of FIDE or any organizer approved by the national federation to host the event. The federation’s letter of support may be provided later when the bid’s evaluation procedure is launched. 

1.3 The bid may contain special proposals on financial and commercial conditions. The FIDE Council shall decide whether these conditions are admissible.

1.4 The Bidding Form shall be filled in by an Applicant. A signed copy shall be submitted as e-mail messages to the FIDE Secretariat to from 12 April to 31 May 2022 by 23:59 Lausanne time (FIDE has a right to extend this deadline). All the documents shall be submitted in English. Additional documents may be requested by the FIDE General Strategy Commission (GSC) for further evaluation. 

1.5 Bid Evaluation Report shall be presented by GSC for approval by FIDE Council. Priority shall be given to an Organizer applying for both events – R&B and WR&B.

1.6 Once the Organizer is granted the right to host the event, a relevant announcement shall be made on the FIDE website. FIDE Technical Delegate (FIDE TD) may be appointed at the same time to supervise the event on behalf of FIDE in consultation with GSC.