International Chess Federation
Tuesday, 21 Jun 2022 15:53
FIDE President on Nigel Short's resignation as FIDE Vice President

I learned with deep regret about Mr Short's decision to resign from the position of Vice President today. I would like to note that all these years, Nigel has worked tirelessly to promote chess on all continents. Thanks to his efforts, the FIDE family has been expanded by several new federations.

Often the fruits of his dedicated work were to be appreciated only years later. As an example - thanks to his efforts, the long-standing conflict in the Pakistani Chess Federation began to be resolved, ending with legitimate elections in June 2022.

I am sincerely glad that in 2018 Nigel agreed to accept my nomination as the Vice President of FIDE. Several more candidates from his 2018 ticket currently work in the FIDE Council and make a significant contribution to our common duties.

I would like to highlight Nigel's organizational and leadership abilities, as well as to reinstate that his intentions have always been consistent with the mission of FIDE.

Nigel's decision is open and sincere, perhaps even a little emotional and related to the decision of EDC, but I believe that Nigel will continue his mission and agree with my proposal to find the right format for our joint work for the benefit of chess.

Arkady Dvorkovich
FIDE President