International Chess Federation
Monday, 12 Sep 2022 14:02
Sami Khader, new Chairman of the FIDE Trainer's Commission

The FIDE President has appointed IM Sami Khader as the new Chairman of the FIDE Trainers' Commission. Khader has been a Councilor for the Commission since 2016, and during this time he has been a valuable contributor, demonstrating valuable managing and organisation skills. His predecessor, Mikhail Kobalia, will remain involved with the Commission as Councilor, engaged with FIDE Chessable Academy and several seminars.

Born in Jordan in 1972, Khader got a Master of Science Degree in Biomedical Engineering Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics (Ukraine) and has worked as Service Manager at Abbott Diagnostics Agent in Jordan, and Business Development Manager at Siemens Healthineers Agent in Jordan.

He achieved his International Master title in 2007, and he has represented Jordan at multiple events, including five chess Olympiads. He started his career as a trainer in 1996 within the Royal Jordanian Chess Federation, where he is also General Secretary and Technical Director. Besides the Jordanian federation, Khader also holds positions in the Arab Chess Federation as Vice-President and Chairman of the Technical Commission, and the Asian Chess Federation, as Chairman of the Technical Affairs and Development Commission.

“Our immediate plans include boosting the value of titles and developing the structure of FIDE Academies. We also plan to create a special online library, which will contain videos and PGN files of valuable lectures to be used by licensed TRG trainers. We believe that providing these resources could help them in their day-by-day work as trainers”, explains Sami.

The roadmap for the TRG Commission in the coming months includes the following main points:


TRG Plan 2022-2023 submitted to Management, includes:

1. Defining KPIs;

2. Better/streamlined internal FIDE administration/support;

3. Increasing the value of titles, having tangible benefits and making a better promotion of trainers titles.

  • Informative Report to FC Q3
  • Closure of Olympiad Training Support Program
  • Invitations to Pre-Qualified, Participation of African Countries, and New Young Top Talent to FIDE Chessable Academy in October and December
  • Seminars: Mamaia World Youth; ACF Seminars & some other applications e.g. Puerto Rico, Uppsala TBC.
  • Preparation of Lecturers for Indonesian Language Seminar
  • FC Q3 Title Submissions from Seminars: 1. Middle East Online, 2. Chennai Olympiad, 3. Zagreb, 4. North & Central America, 5. Mamaia World Youth

October and November

  • Seminars: German Language, Bali, Spanish Americas, Singapore Recertification (TBC). Workshop: How to Teach Rook Endings 
  • Winners of FIDE Book Awards 2022
  • FIDE Chessable Academy Classes
  • Invitations to World Champions to be FST


  • Organising of FIDE Chessable Academy Camp in Barcelona
  • Trainer Licence 2023-2026 Renewal Notices and FIDE Academy 2023 Membership & recertification program form 2023
  • Informative Report to FC Q3
  • FC Q4 Title Submissions from Seminars: 1. German Language, 2. Bali, 3. Spanish Americas, 4, Singapore.
  • Workshop: How to Teach Positional Play