International Chess Federation
Wednesday, 29 Mar 2023 11:17
FIDE Development Fund 2023 is now open

FIDE Planning and Development Commission (PDC) is happy to announce that the 2023 FIDE Development Fund cycle is now open for submissions of funding requests by National Chess Federations, Continents, Affiliated Organizations, FIDE Commissions and, starting this year, FIDE zones.

The submission period is open until October 31, 2023.

Beneficiaries may submit their funding requests or questions about the process to FIDE PDC (

This year, the cycle is starting a bit later than initially planned due to the evolution of the documents to be used. We wanted to make the process smoother and get better connected with applicants.

All potential beneficiaries have to use the new documents for their applications.

To help National Chess Federations, FIDE Commissions, FIDE Zonal officials, FIDE Affiliated Organizations and FIDE Continental officials in their requests for funding in 2023, FIDE PDC is organizing a special webinar.
Scheduled for March 31, the webinar aims to explain and illustrate the application process, highlighting priorities and PDC vision on funding applications. For those who cannot attend, it will be recorded and posted on the PDC website.

The main topics of the webinar are:

  • 2023 FIDE funding programme overview (orientations and priorities, covered expenses, etc.)  
  • Application documents and process steps to follow
  • An illustration of application through a sample project

Date of the webinar: Friday, March 31, 2023 – 14:00 CEST

Open to federations and other beneficiaries’ officials.

Please fill in the registration link to get access to the webinar.