International Chess Federation
Friday, 11 Aug 2023 13:39
FIDE against sexism and sexual abuse in chess

Statement of International Chess Federation against sexism and sexual abuse in chess

At FIDE, we are deeply moved by the letter signed by over 100 women chess players denouncing sexist and sexual violence in chess. This letter, initiated by 14 women of French chess, has reverberated throughout the chess world. We commend these women for their courage and solidarity.

FIDE stands firmly against any behavior and actions based on sexism including any form of abuse. We are proud that more women are playing chess than ever before, and they deserve a safe and respectful environment. We want to underline that we take any reports of sexism and abuse very seriously and are committed to improving the chess world.

We want to encourage more girls and women to play chess and pursue their passion, whether as a hobby, a sport, or a career. We continue our work on a safeguarding policy for women in chess, as we want to provide them with the tools and support to feel safe and confident. In the meantime, we urge any women players who have faced misconduct to file a complaint with the FIDE Ethics and Disciplinary Commission. The EDC operates with confidentiality and respect for the complainant's privacy.

We believe in the power of the chess family too. Together, we can improve the culture and make our chess community a safe, respectful, and friendly space for everyone. Even if just one woman is experiencing abuse, it is one too many.