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Wednesday, 16 Aug 2023 09:05
Important changes in FIDE Regulations for the Appointment of Arbiters in World Events

Dear chess friends,

We would like to inform you about the most important changes in FIDE Regulations for Appointment of Arbiters in World Events (Handbook B06.4), effective from July 20th 2023. These regulations existed since 2022, and they established the first panels of arbiters.

The reasons for changing the regulations are:

a) increase the number of arbiters in each panel to enable more people to get appointments as Chief and Deputy Chief Arbiter of world events.

b) adding the possibility to deal with unforeseen circumstances 

c) Fair Play Officers have been removed from the regulations

d) correct some typos and unclear rules – distinguish between nomination and appointment

e) open the process of establishing panels to other relevant bodies as FIDE Council, MB, EVE and GSC through a consultation team

Some more detailed information:

  • These regulations no more deal with Fair play officers as they have their own FIDE commission and it is different role being an arbiter and being a FPO.
  • In accordance with FIDE policy, at least 25 % of arbiters in higher Panels (green, blue or red) must be female, each Panel must be geographically diverse, and have representation from each Continent.
  • Higher Panels were enlarged (green from 20 to 25 members, blue from 35 to 45 members, red from 50 to 60 members)
  • Until now, arbiter could be appointed as a Chief Arbiter to a maximum of two (2) FIDE official events per year, same applied for Deputy Chief Arbiter. Now the total nomination is limited - Arbiters can be appointed as a Chief Arbiter or Deputy Chief Arbiter to a maximum of two (2) FIDE official events per year.
  •  FIDE President keeps the rights to grant exception to arbiter from the lower panel.
  • At the Olympiad, the Organiser may propose up to 25% of the arbiters, who do not need to be on a panel. They may come from the host Federation, or a Federation that shares a land border with the host Federation.
  • The procedural rules to establish the Panels was updated. Councillors on the Arbiters Commission will discuss the Panel membership with other bodies – Continental arbiters commissions and also with a consultation team. The consultation team includes one representative from each of FIDE Council, the FIDE Management Board, the Global Strategy Commission, and the FIDE Events Commission.

FIDE Arbiters’ Commission

FIDE Arbiters’ Commission