International Chess Federation
Thursday, 23 Nov 2023 11:11
FIDE Decision on Transfer Regulations for Players


The International Chess Federation (FIDE) has published a decision following the recent approval of the Resolution on Transfer Regulations.

Under the guidance of the FIDE Council, the Resolution on Transfer Regulations seeks to address and establish relevant conditions regarding the participation of transferred players in FIDE team events.

This resolution, developed in accordance with the Council's prior resolution from February 22 2023, aims to address questions surrounding player transfers which took place before August 31 2023, and their integration into new federations.

Key highlights of the resolution include:

- Waiving of Transfer Fees for Ukrainian Players: FIDE has confirmed the waiver of Transfer fees for all Ukrainian players transferring during 2023-2024. This decision is anticipated to ease the transition process for Ukrainian players aiming to switch federations during this period. This only concerns FIDE transfer fees. Fees applied by the national federation remain.

- Confirming the number of transferred players in FIDE Team Events: Teams participating in FIDE team events will now be allowed to include a maximum of 2 (two) players previously belonging to the Chess Federation of Russia who transferred to any of the ECU’s federation from March 1, 2022, until August 31, 2023.

Additionally, once the general term restrictions expire, a transferred player will be able to participate in team events without limitation, thereby transitioning from their previous status. Moreover, federations have the prerogative to pay compensation fees for transferred players unable to participate for free, enabling their immediate inclusion in team events.

Supporting this transition, FIDE announces the waiver of its transfer fees in cases where the old federation receives compensation fees for transferred players.

- Extension of FIDE Flag Representation for Russian and Belorussian Players: Russian and Belorussian players currently performing under the FIDE flag will be granted an extension to continue playing under the FIDE Flag until January 1, 2025.

The Resolution on Transfer Regulations is a step towards streamlining the process of player transitions between federations, supporting a more inclusive environment for international chess competitions.

FIDE encourages federations, players, and stakeholders to adhere to these guidelines, fostering fair play and enhancing the spirit of sportsmanship within the global chess community.

For more information, please visit the official FIDE website or refer to the Council Resolution.