International Chess Federation
Monday, 27 Nov 2023 11:48
Important changes in the bidding process for FIDE events


As of December 1, 2023, the FIDE Council has approved significant amendments to the General Regulations for FIDE Competitions (EVE), marking a pivotal shift in the bidding process for official chess events.

The key modifications encompass a revamped approach to bidding deadlines, fees, and procedural timelines, aiming to streamline operations and enhance the efficiency of tournament organization.

Noteworthy changes include:

1. Overhauled Bidding Procedures: Bid deadlines, fees, and minimum FIDE requirements by bidders have been completely restructured, ensuring a more transparent and streamlined bidding process. FIDE has introduced clear dates by which all stages of bidding must be completed for events up until 2028. The FIDE Council will take a key role in making decisions regarding the bidding process.

2. Timeline Adjustments: Organizers are now required to submit invitations for approval to EVE at least six months prior to an event (previously, it was five months), with final participant registrations due a minimum of 2 months before the competition commences.

3. Increased Registration Fee: The maximum limit for the Registration Fee has been raised to a maximum of 120 euros per person (previously, it was 100), inclusive of essential costs such as airport transfers and accreditation.

4. Revised Policies: Changes in withdrawal or no-show policies have been implemented, with refund coordination by FIDE in extraordinary circumstances affecting a substantial number of participants or a national federation.

5. Enhanced Oversight: The role of the Technical Delegate (FTD) has been elevated, mandating an IO title nomination by EVE and appointment by the FIDE President, serving as the overall observer in EVE competitions.

6. Standardized Communication: Official tournament websites will utilize URLs provided by the FIDE office, and all communication with federations will be conducted through official FIDE email addresses.

These amendments are poised to create a more structured and efficient framework for organizing FIDE chess events worldwide, ensuring greater adherence to regulations and fostering a fairer competitive environment.

For further details on the revised regulations, please refer to the updated General Regulations for FIDE Competitions (EVE) available on the FIDE website.