International Chess Federation
Saturday, 09 Dec 2023 17:16
FIDE sets clear standards for chess organizers and event evaluation

FIDE's Events Commission introduces reforms in chess event management, redefining standards, titles, and evaluation, with the aim of shaping a transparent, organized tournament landscape

FIDE, the International Chess Federation, announces significant changes aimed at standardizing requirements for chess tournament organizers and streamlining the process of awarding titles. These changes encompass both the categorization of organizer titles and the introduction of an evaluation system for assessing the quality of chess events.

 Changes regarding Titles for Organizers (come in force from December 20, 2023):

FIDE has introduced a tiered system for organizer titles, comprising three levels: Associate Organizer, FIDE International Organizer, and Premier Organizer. These tiers reflect varying degrees of experience and responsibilities for hosting chess events.

Associate Organizer: This entry-level tier requires a minimum of three years' experience organizing at least five rated competitions. Online training resources and tests provided by EVE aim to ensure applicants' comprehensive understanding of related rules and regulations. Associate Organizers are eligible to organize international competitions supported by FIDE, excluding Events Commission (EVE) and Global Strategy Commission (GSC) tournaments.

FIDE International Organizer: This higher level requires successful multi-year experience in organizing official international chess tournaments. Applicants must pass exams covering team management, financial aspects, tournament standards, and ethical codes. Existing International Organizer titles obtained before these regulations' implementation remain valid, with license renewal every four years as per FIDE Council requirements. Only Associate Organizers can apply for this title.

Premier Organizer: The highest tier requires at least four years' experience as a FIDE International Organizer and the organization of a FIDE World Championship event. This title has no expiry and doesn't mandate renewal.

More information about this can be found here:

Changes to the way the organization of events is evaluated (come in force from December 01, 2023):

FIDE has introduced a comprehensive set of 22 evaluation categories to assess the quality of chess events. These categories encompass various aspects, from securing governmental support to organizing parallel activities. Each category is assigned maximum points, with some also allowing for negative points in case of issues or failures.

This structured evaluation system aims to provide a clear and transparent assessment of chess events.

More information about the new evaluation criteria can be found here:

Speaking about the changes, Akaki Iashvili, chairman of FIDE's Events Commission, said: "FIDE chess events have seen a significant improvement in recent years, and we want to continue this. The requirements for good chess events are changing with the times, and we need to stay on top. By introducing new standards for chess organizers and, for the first time ever, having a clear list of responsibilities on which events and organizers will be benchmarked, the quality of FIDE events will improve, which will benefit the players, the public and the organizers".