International Chess Federation
Monday, 25 Dec 2023 10:22
FIDE Council approves changes in tournament registration procedure

The FIDE Council reviewed the tournament registration procedure and approved some changes, effective immediately (see FIDE RATING REGULATIONS). These changes primarily concern the tournaments, with at least one of the participants having a rating of 2700+. 

0.2 The tournaments to be rated shall be pre-registered by the federation in whose territory it is held, and they will be responsible for the submission of results and rating fees. Council may additionally designate these rights and responsibilities to Affiliated Organisations that are representing an autonomous territory which is contained within no more than one Federation.

The tournament and its playing schedule must be registered:

0.2.1 Not later than 30 days before the tournament starts, if one of the players in the tournament is rated in excess of 2700, or a female player rated in excess of 2500.

0.2.2 Otherwise, three days before the tournament starts.

The QC Chairman may refuse to register a tournament.

Exceptions to permit tournaments to be rated even though it is registered later than the prescribed notice period may be granted:

0.2.3 Tournaments in category 0.2.1: With the approval of the President

0.2.4 Tournaments in category 0.2.2: With the approval of the QC Chairman

All tournaments played under Hybrid conditions as described in 2.1 must be approved individually by the QC Chairman.

In exceptional cases involving tournaments with an average rating in excess of 2700, after consultation with the QC Chairman, the Council or the President may approve tournaments or individual games for rating which have not been submitted for rating by the national federation.