International Chess Federation
Friday, 19 Jan 2024 06:27
Updated Tie-break Regulations effective from April 1, 2024 published

We are thrilled to inform you that the revised Tie-Break Regulations have been officially ratified and are now available in the FIDE Handbook's Section C.07. Tie-Break Regulations (effective from April 1, 2024). We extend our sincere appreciation to Mr Roberto Ricca and the entire SPP Department for their dedicated efforts in enhancing the tie-break rules and their accompanying explanations.

In this latest version, no alterations have been made to the tie-break definitions themselves. However, we have taken the opportunity to refine the explanations in cases where it was apparent that some confusion or misinterpretation still existed within the chess community. We are grateful to the community for their invaluable assistance in identifying these areas that needed clarification.

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