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Thursday, 02 Jul 2020 18:30
Decisions of the 2nd quarter FIDE Online Council Meeting


Decisions of the 2nd quarter FIDE Online Council Meeting

23 June 2020

Q2OC-2020/1 To approve the Treasurer’s report.

Q2OC-2020/2 To consider a possibility of raising funds for medical and other assistance for chess players.

Q2OC-2020/3 To postpone an approval of 2019 accounts due to late submission.

Q2OC-2020/4 To adopt a Declaration regarding the Swiss Financial Marketing Infrastructure Act (PDF)

Q2OC-2020/5 To hold the FIDE General Assembly online at the end of November 2020. To prepare the GA Agenda by July 10.

Q2OC-2020/6 To acknowledge the FIDE President’s intention to have a conference call with both parties in the AICF dispute in nearest future, and to come forward with a proposal for the FIDE Council.

Q2OC-2020/7 To approve the FIDE President’s proposal to postpone decisions on the cases with the South African, the UAE and Cote d’Ivoire Chess Federations till new developments and documents appear.

Q2OC-2020/8 To reach a final decision on the dates and location of the second part of the FIDE Candidates tournament 2020 in July 2020.

Q2OC-2020/9 To continue monitoring the situation and discussing the logistics of the World Chess Championship Match 2021 with the World Expo organizers in Dubai, keeping in mind two possible dates (spring and autumn 2021) and considering all possible adjustments/changes in the FIDE official calendar.

Q2OC-2020/10 To move the dates of the Women’s World Cup 2020 to April 2021 under the condition of signing an additional agreement with the Organizers

Q2OC-2020/11 To move the dates of the 2021 World Cup to September 2021, subject to signing an additional agreement with the organizers.

Q2OC-2020/12 To continue monitoring the opening of EU borders in order to finalize the Women’s Grand Prix series by the end of 2020, with several possible venues.

Q2OC-2020/13 To reach a final decision on the 2022 Chess Olympiad in August, while keeping informal discussions with all potential organizers.

Q2OC-2020/14 To approve the dates of the 2020 Online Olympiad as last week of July – first week of September 2020. Draft regulations to be presented to the Council for further e-vote.

Q2OC-2020/15 To approve organization of the following online tournaments (regulations to follow):

- Online top Junior event
- Online cadet and youth events
- Online senior event
- World Bullet Chess Championship

Q2OC-2020/16 To note great success of the Checkmate Coronavirus festival and to express gratitude to its organizers.

Q2OC-2020/17 To express dissatisfaction with the nature of the current agreement regarding FIDE Online Arena and to authorize the President to seek legal advice to revise or terminate the agreement for the FIDE Online Arena.

Q2OC-2020/18 To postpone making a decision on the Online Tournament Guidelines; to ask all interested parties to provide comments directly to the Arbiters’ Commission.

Q2OC-2020/19 To request the FIDE Qualification Commission to study the situation with online titles.

Q2OC-2020/20 To request the FIDE Arbiters’ Commission to publish the criteria for arbiters’ selection and to hold an online meeting to explain them.

Q2OC-2020/21 To approve new ARB titles.

Q2OC-2020/22 To approve the Arbiters’ Commission report.

Q2OC-2020/23 To approve the Chess in Education Commission report.

Q2OC-2020/24 To approve the Commission for Disabled report.

Q2OC-2020/25 To approve the Commission for Women’s Chess report.

Q2OC-2020/26 To approve the Ethics and Disciplinary Commission report.

Q2OC-2020/27 To approve the proposal of the FIDE President to endorse two members of the Fact-Finding Committee Mr Ralf Alt (GER) as chairperson and Ms Yumiko Hiebert (JPN) as a member. To have consultations between the FIDE President, Mr. Strydom and Mr. Ncube to set up online voting for the third member.

Q2OC-2020/28 To approve new EVE titles.

Q2OC-2020/29 To approve the Events Commission report.

Q2OC-2020/30 To request Events Commission to study a suggestion to introduce a new FIDE Organiser title.

Q2OC-2020/31 To approve postponement of the FIDE EVE World Championships according to the Events Commission’s proposal: to postpone the remaining 2020 competitions to 2021 (except World Amateur 2020); to postpone the 2021 competitions to 2022; to postpone the bidding procedure of 2023 events to 2021.

Q2OC-2020/32 To approve the Medical Commission report and the Medical security policy and protocol for upcoming over-the-board chess events subject to updates based on the situation changes.

Q2OC-2020/33 To approve the Planning and Development Commission report.

Q2OC-2020/34 To note that the proposal of Mr. Vega requires further consideration and flexibility in respect of the financial ways to support National Federations and Continents.

Q2OC-2020/35 To approve the amendments to the Title Regulations proposed by the QC, with an editorial change that would clarify the terms used.

Q2OC-2020/36 To approve the amendments to the Rating Regulations proposed by the QC.

Q2OC-2020/37 To approve new QC titles.

Q2OC-2020/38 To approve the Qualification Commission report.

Q2OC-2020/39 To approve the Rules Commission report and to further discuss the proposal on Appendix E – Online chess.

Q2OC-2020/40 To approve the Systems of Pairings and Programs Commission report.

Q2OC-2020/41 To note the personal changes in the Social Commission.

Q2OC-2020/42 To approve the Technical Commission report; to request that the final proposal regarding changes in Handbook shall be prepared for the next GA.

Q2OC-2020/43 To approve new TRG titles.

Q2OC-2020/44 To approve new FIDE Chess Academies.

Q2OC-2020/45 To postpone making a decision on the Trainers’ Commission regarding a new system of titles and licenses; to ask all interested parties to cooperate with TRG in drafting a final proposal.

Q2OC-2020/46 To approve the Data Protection Committee report and the GDPR-related amendments to the Handbook.

Q2OC-2020/47 To approve the Constitutional Commission report.

Q2OC-2020/48 To note the Media and Marketing report.

Q2OC-2020/49 In the light of exceptional circumstances, the Council has approved the granting the GM title to Mr. Brandon Jacobson.

Q2OC-2020/50 To request the Qualification Commission to revise a paragraph regarding the required number of foreign players number in view of the current situation.

Q2OC-2020/51 To hold the next FIDE Council meeting online by the end September 2020.