International Chess Federation
Thursday, 17 Dec 2020 14:16
Decisions of the FIDE Online General Assembly 2020


December 06, 2020

OGA-2020/1    To approve the President’s report 
OGA-2020/2    To approve the Treasurer’s report. 
OGA-2020/3    To note the Verification Commission’s report for the year 2019.
OGA-2020/4    To discharge the Treasurer from her responsibilities for the financial year 2019. 
OGA-2020/5    To approve the 2021 Budget.  
OGA-2020/6    To appoint Ernst & Young as FIDE External Auditor for the financial year 2020. 
OGA-2020/7    To approve the new FIDE Financial regulations.
OGA-2020/8    To admit the Isle of Man Chess Association as an Affiliated FIDE Organisation.
OGA-2020/9    To adopt a motion regarding the Chess Federation of the Islamic Republic of Iran proposed by the FIDE President.
OGA-2020/10    To approve an amendment to the Laws of Chess regarding Online chess.
OGA-2020/11    To approve the General Assembly Internal Rules. 
OGA-2020/12    To approve the Zonal Council Rules. 
OGA-2020/13    To award the right to organise the 2024 Chess Olympiad and 95th FIDE Congress to Budapest, Hungary.
OGA-2020/14    To approve the Resolution regarding FIDE online activities. 
OGA-2020/15    To note the Continental reports. 
OGA-2020/16    To award the title of the FIDE Honorary Member to Mr. Boris Spassky, the tenth World Champion.
OGA-2020/17    To award the title of the FIDE Life Member to Mr. Brian Callaghan, the Founder of the Gibraltar International Chess Festival. 
OGA-2020/18    To approve the proposal of the Jamaica Chess Federation to adopt the Olympic Creed and the Values of Olympism. 
The following were not approved as they failed to obtain the 2/3 majority required as per the FIDE Charter: 
1. The addition to the GA Agenda regarding the Red Sea and Aden Gulf Chess Association. 
2. The first resolution proposed by the English Chess Federation (FIDE Charter Amendment Article 9.4) 
3. The second resolution proposed by the English Chess Federation (FIDE Charter Amendment Article 17.6).