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Thursday, 28 Jul 2022 07:33
Valentina Gunina trounces Tan Zhongyi to advance into semis

GM Valentina Gunina swept away GM Tan Zhongyi in a quarterfinal match and reached the semifinals of the FIDE 2022 Women's Speed Chess Championship.

After a poor 0-2 start, Gunina found her A-game and won the first 5+1 segment by a resounding score of 7-3. The 3+1 games were all about Gunina, who stretched her lead to 11 points and virtually secured the match victory.

Tan stoke back in the 1+1 portion and found some comfort in winning the final segment of the match by a minimal margin.

Gunina earned $3,344.83 for her victory, while Tan collected $655.17. Gunina's next opponent in the semifinals will be decided in a clash between Hou Yifan and Alexandra Kosteniuk.

Asked about her preparation for the match, Valentina said: "My coach prepared some variations that my opponent was going to play. Yesterday we had a discussion about that. Today, I just repeated some of these lines, and it saved me energy."

The next quarterfinal match between GM Kateryna Lagno and GM Humpy Koneru, who have previously held Women's World Rapid titles, will take place on July 19, at 7.30 a.m. Pacific / 16:30 Central.

The FIDE 2022 Women's Speed Chess Championship is an online event where titled women players will play a series of blitz and bullet matches for a share of the $70,000 prize fund.

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More info and a full schedule of the FIDE Women's Speed Chess Championship can be found here.