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Wednesday, 01 Feb 2023 14:54
Chessable Publishing Schedule

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The merger of and the PlayMagnus Group has broken a ‘Berlin Wall’ in the chess community (no opening puns intended, of course!). Among the major beneficiaries of this momentous event: the improving chess player. 

Now free from ‘taking sides’, the world’s most influential chess instructors can spread their knowledge on all the major chess platforms, leveraging the technological power of these platforms for the most efficient and effective chess study possible. 

Chief among these platforms is Chessable, which harnesses the power of spaced repetition learning in its MoveTrainer® technology. Combining this powerful software with instructional content from the world’s finest chess players and coaches, users can learn and memorize openings, tactical patterns, and endgame skills faster and easier than ever before.

Before the merger, Chessable had already shown it could effectively pair its technology with top quality instructional content. In 2022, it launched courses from such superstars as GM Maurice Ashley, GM Levon Aronian, and even World Champion Magnus Carlsen. And with the merger complete, Chessable can already look forward to a bright 2023. 

That’s because it’s already struck deals to publish courses with premier content creators such as IM Levy Rozman, the Botez Sisters, GM Daniel Naroditsky, and more. 

Chessable and users can look forward to such course releases as early as this spring. They can also look out for opportunities to take part in Chessable’s new Masterclasses: 2-hour live, interactive chess lessons with renowned authors using Chessable’s Classroom tool.

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Those not yet familiar with Chessable can register completely free, and do so easily with their existing or Google account. Simply go to and get started today to select from more than 600 courses on the chess openings, tactics, endgames, and more.