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Thursday, 04 Jul 2024 07:17
East Africa Cup: Teaching chess and life skills

Held annually in the last week of June in Moshi, Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, the East Africa Cup is now in its 21st year (2024). This year's event featured football, basketball, chess, and daily seminars on crucial topics such as leadership, conflict resolution, child protection, and more.

Chess and Lifeskills

On the first day (June 20th), a special session engaged over 75 teenagers and young adults from diverse East African organizations and schools. This session blended theoretical and practical elements, providing participants with lessons in chess and essential life skills. The aim was to foster mental stimulation, strategic thinking, and personal development through chess, with a focus on the practical application of the learned life skills.

Chess Competition

Organized by the East Africa Cup secretariat and managed by the Iyanna Foundation, the chess competition took place over the next two days (June 21st and 22nd). Divided into two age categories (under 14 and above 14), the competition began with preliminary rounds on the first day to identify the top four players in each category. These top players then competed in the semifinals and finals held on the second day.

The competition concluded with recognition for the top two players in each category, who received trophies and medals. Additionally, a special medal was awarded to the best female player, highlighting the event's commitment to inclusivity and recognizing talent across genders. This structure not only celebrated competitive excellence but also promoted the holistic development of the participants by integrating chess with life skills training.

Written by Elly O Goro